Please send your feedback to our support team! We would LOVE to hear how the books have worked for you.

Book Feedback

Darcy Klovanish

I ordered 7 business card books just to try before ordering extra, I tested one and mailed it out to a potential seller. He called me back and said he received my book and loved it! He wants me to list his house. After that I said to myself I better read this book lol! It's a really good book.

Darcy Klovanish, Realtor
See The Interview

Becoming an Author is AMAZING! I dropped a book by a FSBO, and 2 weeks they called to list.

Sabrina P.

Marketing directors [at retirement homes] have told me they have a lot of realtors come through their doors, and they are impressed with me because the Business Card book is very impressionable, BIG TIME.

The book is such a big help in explaining the entire selling process to them [elderly] because in most cases it has been decades since they have bought or sold a house. The marking directors are blown away (seriously). And as I give them this book they are usually asking me do I have any more business cards or books so they can refer me to their future residents.

Jennifer B.

Listing Funnels Success Stories

I just wanted to send you this little note to Thank you for all that you do in this business and for sharing this amazing gift with us. I signed up with your company in August and I have already closed 4 “off market deals” as a result of mailing out your “expired funnel letter”. I have made $201k in commission just off these four deals because three of them were priced in the $1 million + or over (Not counting my other Real Estate transactions from January to August, these made me about $90k). I made $245k in commission last year which was great but this year has definitely been my best year in Real Estate so far Thanks to your system. I’m continually sending out at least 10 letters a day since August and it’s definitely working for me in the San Gabriel Valley area. You have turned my life around, Just wanted to say Thanks to your Team.

Anthony Chavez
Shaikh Realty

I have been working with FSBO and Make Me Move. I have sent 100 letters to each of them weekly. I have been on 8 appointments this month, and I have listings lined up for December and January. The listing prices are $485,000, $569,000, and $325,000.

Charles Jackson
Weichert Realtors

I have been using the EDDM funnel. I send out about 482 postcard a month. This month  I already have 5 appointments and 1 listings that is worth $325,000!I have been using EDDM for 3 months now and have had pretty great success!

Matt Lister
MRI Marketing and Operations

In week 1, I mailed 24 letters. I received 2 calls and 1 email. I made 2 listing appointments!! I completed one of the listings appointments, and I got 1 listing for $999,000.

Jaemi Graham
City Edge Realty

I am currently using the expired funnel. I am mailing 100 letters every week (25 of each letter 1-4). I have two appointments this month and one listing that is worth $115,900.

Shannon Flaherty
Keller Williams Realty

I have spent $200 for the Listing Funnels membership to date and about $25 on envelopes and $150 on postage. I have signed up 3 listings totaling $674,00 in just about 45 days working the program part time, That will equate $14,00 in income once they all sell. Work the program and it works for you. Click here to view his full review

Steve Morgan
Realtor for The Steve Morgan Group

I received another call for another expired that waslisted for $650k. We have an appointment scheduled for Monday. Hoping to get this listing!

Tabitha Rector-Richardson
First Trust Realty LLC


Just wanted to give you guys an update on how our listing leads have been after implementing your funnels.

We started with the expired campaign and was sending out 25 letters a week for the last 6 weeks. With just this letter alone we listed 5 homes (over $1.5 million) in the last six weeks and generated 24 other seller leads that are planning to put their house on the marketafter the first of the year. This Expired Letter ROCKS!!!

Dustin Sherlin
Regional Director of Sales at Sherlin Realty Group LLC

I've really been chugging along and finally got my first fast action funnel to produce 3 leads which I’m following up on! Two are $400,000 listings. I am now a true believer! Thanks Smartagents.!

Gregory Smith
Realty One Group Northwest

Here’s an update: I am currently using the Inherited homes funnel. I have mailed out 53 letters so far; I mail 2 x per month. I have gone on 2 appointments this month. As far as listings go, I am currently working on signing one up that is worth $272,000.  I wound up getting an estate sale company a job selling an estate. We are in negotiations to handle all of their property sales.

Matt Lister
MRI Marketing and Operations

I am currently using the expired and vacant funnels. I mail 10 letters a day from each funnel in red envelopes. I have 5 appointment this month and 2 listings! The listings are for$550,000 and 265,000.

Kimberly Repoza
Weichert Realtors

I sent out 65 letters last week, and received 1 response. I’m going on a listing appointment today for a$550,000 listing, and the best part is that the owner told me she has 2 other properties valued at over 2 million dollars that she is also thinking about selling. If I do a good job on this one, there’s a potential of making over $50,000 in commission form this one seller!!!

Anna Losito
Keller Williams Realty

I got 2 calls from 100 expired yesterday. One told me she’s no longer selling her house and I was able to secure the other one with an appointment today at 3pm.Got the Listing for $449,888 and they want to buy up to $450,000 house with me. This will work if you actually do it!

Debbie Liu
West USA Realty Revelation

Here's an update: I sent 10 letters on Monday and got an appointment yesterday for this afternoon for a $575,000 home. Sent 10 letters yesterday and today. We’ll see what happens next!

Jan Keene
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

Here’s an update: I am currently using the Absentee and Expired Funnels. I send 100 letters to each every week. That comes out to 200 letters. I have gone on 7 appointments and obtained 2 listings. The listings are for $180,000 and $260,000.

Kimberly Repoza
Weichert Realtors

The first listing, from using this system, was for $240k and it sold in the first 6 days. This is definitely a numbers game. The system works, I use the expired and vacant funnel. This month I sent 100 letters to each market. Generally, I send  40-50 letter a week in different colored envelopes with the Becky Font. So far this month, I have had 5 Listing appointments. I have 2 listings in the next 60 days, one for $180k and the other for $240k. I am excited about this system. Click here to see the full review

Thomas Hunze
Keller Williams

I have sent out 112 letters of the fast action letter. I have mailed them out each Monday. I have received one lead and I am working on the lead to set an appointment. That is all I have received and I am excited to receive that lead as the value of the house is $285,000.

Beth Coleman
Adams, Cameron and Co., Realtors

I am currently mailing 5 red letters to both the Expired and Absentee funnels daily. This month alone, I have received 10 listing appointments. Of those ten, I got 3 listings for $150k, $180k, and $235K.    Click here to view entire review

Kimberly Repoza
Weichert Realtors

I am currently mailing the Vacant Home funnel once a month with white #10 envelopes with the becky font on the front. This last round of mailing, my  third, I sent out 264 letters. I received a phone call form an Orlando area seller. He liked the letter, asked me to see the house, asked my opinion and ultimately asked me to send a listing agreement. Less than 24 hours later I received the agreement for a $450k listing. Nothing Easier than that.    Click to read entire review

Osmany Garcia
Realtor at Keller Williams Realty

I am currently mailing the 90 day FSBO, Expired, and Cancelled funnels. I have mailed a total of 200 of each funnel in a red envelope with the Becky Font. So far this month I have gone on 2 listing appointments, and have gotten 1 new listing for $260k.

Click here to view the full email

Scott English
Realtor for The Scott English Team

I sent 30 Expired today and sent 50 Fast Action last week and received a call for a  1.2 million dollar listing!

Ruth Ann Santistevan Cullis
Keller Williams Realty

The system works! Started last Friday with the Inherited Funnel. I mailed 35 letters, got 2 calls, and one email. Doing CMA and meeting with homeowner this weekend.

Phil Donnellan
Regional Real Estate

Hi everyone, I got a call today on one of my expired letters and am going tomorrow night to list the house!! I had one last week that I listed and got a contract on before I even had a chance to put the listing in the MLS’s. That one is a cash closing, hopefully closing Friday!!

Kimberly Loredo
Keller Williams Realty


The listing funnel program is a well thought out approach to capturing leads. I have recently gone to a training seminar and the whole time they talked about items of value or call to action items. To my surprise, the “Listing Funnel” program offers all of the items that this training seminar talked about, including the “Info line” and the “Lead Capture Websites”. I immediately started on the “Fast Action Letters” and sent out 24 letters. The next step was working on the Vacant Homes. I sent out 206 of those letters starting the second week of getting the program.I strongly believe that this program will pay off in the end. Also the customer service is great! I look forward to the success of using this program!

Dustin Kircher
Lenders Realty

This has been a great experience! I am working the Expired Listing Funnel for 60-120 days old expireds and I am thrilled with the response rate. First mailing (12 days ago) of 124 expireds, then another 22, 14, and 18 mailings.I received 14 phone calls, made 5 appointments, and listed 2. The listings prices were$149,900 and $375,000. I’ll be mailing my 2nd letter to the non-respondents today!

David Witsen
Keller Williams Real Estate

Here’s an update: What a great month so far. I have sent 220 of the Professional letters to vacant homes. I have been sending 50 at a time each week. I have been on 1 appointment this month, and have 1 listing that is worth $210,000. That seller is also going to purchase a new a place which I will be the agent for it.It gets even better…from the listing I took, I am now working with a buyer who called about the text for the sign info I put out as part of the Phone Marketer Program. I would say overall the system is working.

Dustin Kircher
Lenders Realty

All I can say is…Whoa..I have to admit I was on the skeptic bus on this one..but you proved me wrong! I sent out 25 letters every day for two weeks and BOOOOM..I am swamped with requests. My Realtor partners are feeding like lion pride after a kill..I am glad I stuck it out. Thanks…

Aaron Murrell
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC

I am using a mixture of FSBO, Expireds, and Make Me Move. I sent 11 Make Me Move, 15 FSBO, and 22 Expireds. I mail about every 7-10 days and I make sure to use colored envelopes.  I have 4 appointments this month and 1 listings coming up in November which is for $295,000. There will be another one in  Feb or March depending on the weather for $110,000/$120,000. Thank you for the programs…you are a creative group!

Deb Ranek
Indy HomeTeam Realty

Sent my first batch of postcards yesterday; 946. The lady at the post office counter said, “Wow…is the Home Value REALLY free?? I’m thinking of selling.” So, picked up one lead before even mailing the cards. I hope the responses from the area are as favorable. I will keep everyone posted! The process was SUPER easy.

Trina Cannon
Trina Cannon, REALTOR®

I am so stoked!! I sent out 11 Expired letters from the Listing Funnels Program and just got a phone call from one of them! I am previewing the house next Wednesday!!

Tammy Dixon Sais
Southern Homes Realty, LLC

I am using the FSBO Funnel. I have been mailing 10-20 letters every other day since I have started the program. I have gotten 3 appointments, 1 listing ($125,000), and 1 pending listing ($105,900). This is an awesome system. I expect to do well as your results are not exaggerated and the method is simple and easy to work. Proven + repeatable = success.

Sue Krippner
JD Walters Real Estate

When I first became a member of Listing Funnels, I started out using the Expired Rocket funnel. I mailed about 50 letters and received 3 calls on my info line andgot my first listing at $495,000! I double sided it and my sellers bought replacement property with me at $410,000. My total commission was $30,000! I will continue my journey with the expireds.

Jennifer Burgess
RE/MAX Professionals, Inc

Update: As of two weeks ago, I am mailing 100 Turn Buyers into Listings letters weekly. In addition I also sent 1,000 postcards (every door direct). I have gone on three appointments from the Turn Buyer into Listings. I have obtained two listings that will list after the Holidays. They are for $250,000 and $365,000

Jennifer Burgess
RE/MAX Professionals, Inc

I am currently using the Expired Funnel. I make sure that I mail daily, and I use 6×9 envelopes. During the month of October, I sent 319 letters. I received three inquiries resulting in one listing and two delayed listings due to repairs needing to be completed before making it an Active Listing.  The price of the activelisting is $239,000. $210,000 and $185,000 for the two delayed listings.

William Ronne
Keller Williams Signature

Here’s an update for November: I am still using the Expired Funnel. I have sent out 303 letters. I have gone on three appointments this month and have gained 1 listing that was worth $185,000. I have two other listings, but they want to wait till the last week in December. One of those listings is for $240,000)

William Ronne
Keller Williams Signature

Thanks!! I am really looking Forward to the additional webinar training next week. I have learned more with you so far than any other person or training I’ve attended. Not only that, the leads are exactly what I needed to get started and every evening I’m sitting home after working a 9-5 for 3-4 hours “handwriting” letters and putting on crooked stamps…Lol! I’ll definitely take a look at the tax lien funnel tonight. Again, thank you so much for everything thus far and I look forward to building a great mentor/men-tee relationship.

Carla Woodard
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers

I am currently using the Vacant Funnel. I have mailed 160 letters so far this month, and I use regular envelopes. I have gone on 1 appointment this month and received 1 listing as well.  The listings is for a condopriced at $600,000. The seller owns multiple properties and is considering listing another property in the future.

Osmany Garcia
Keller Williams Realty

I have been using the absentee and expired funnels this month. I have sent 100 absentee letters and 18 expired letters. I have had 3 appointments this month, and 1 of them turned into a listing. The listing was for $225,000.

Robert Reynolds
Addison Wolfe Real Estate

Update: I have been using the Fast Action and Vacant Homes Funnel. I mail 70 of each letter every 10 days. I have been on six appointments and I have acquired a couple of listings 🙂 They are worth $170K and $90K. I can actually be picky about what listings I take now. Which is fabulous! I had to order more For Sale signs, which of course is a good thing. December is super busy with my teenagers school activities, so I have slowed down  my mailings. Thanks to Listing Funnels, I am working the schedule I want!

Lisa Powell
Wardley Real Estate

I am mailing to Expireds using 2 letter combo spaced 7 days apart. I also used the Fast action letter for the Zillow make me sell and some old leads I had. I mail letters EVERY Day…about 15 on average. I got 5 leads – 3 appointments. I got 1 listing from the leads. The listing was a very low priced fixer upper at $119,000 but the leads a more normal $200K+. I will be looking to increase the amount of letters I am sending to increase the leads coming in.

John Durso
REALTY EXECUTIVES Williams - Sykes Realty

I am currently sending letters to Tax Liens, Vacants, and Expired. I send 25 letters weekly to Tax Liens and Expireds; I also send 35 letters a week to Vacants. I have 2 appointments so far. I do not have any listings yet, but I am close. I had a listing appointment but it’s not closed yet. It is for $190,000. I love your systems.

Dalal Hicks
Platinum Real Estate Professionals

I got a $400,000 listing and she has now referred me to 2 friends who have similar priced homes we will sell in the near future…Plus, we will be helping her buy a home once we get her current home sold. YEAH for the FSBO campaign.

Janis Robinson
Iowa Realty

I have mailed  207 letters between October 16, 2014 and November 15, 2014. These letters included 177 Expireds, 30 Renter, and 7 Expired listing firecracker letters. I have received 2 listings appointments, and 1 of them listed for $215,000. I also received a buyer contract written at $155,000.

Robert Hopkins
Real Estate

I’m currently sending letters from the Vacant and FSBO Funnels. I have been mailing 100 vacant letters and 20 FSBO letters. I even slipped in 20 Expired letters. I mail vacant and FSBO letters weekly and I mail Expired every 2-3 days. I have gone on 5 appointments this month and 1 of them turned into an immediate listing (expired). That listings is for $180,000.

Kelly Anders
Keller Williams Realty

I have been using the Expired and FSBO Funnels. I have mailed 400 letters to each funnels (20 per day Monday thru Friday – each funnel). I have gone on 7 appointments this month so far and I have 1 listing so far..I have 2 more listing appointments coming up this weekend. The listing price for the 1 is for$639,000.

Michael Combs
Carrington Real Estate Services

I got my first listing from the Tax Lien Funnel!!$420,000!! Woo Hoo! Thank you!

Katherine Woelker Farrell
Keller Williams

I have been sending letters to the Vacant Funnel. I am sending 2 of each letter monthly. I have been on 1 appointment so far and have obtained that as a listing.That listing is for $145,000. So far, I have had about a 16% return rate from the mailing list I bought from your service. All marked UTF expired.

Thomas Dugan
Keller Williams Green Meadow

This month, I have mailed 100 letters to the Expired Funnel. I have been mailing bi-weekly. I have received 5 leads, made 3 listing appointments, and completed 2 listing appointments. I only received “promises” this month for future listings. One potential listing is $260K and another is $160K.

Peter Serreino
Keller Williams

We are currently sending letters to the Expired Funnel. We have been mailing 100 of each letter every 2 weeks.We have had 1 appointment so far and obtained 1 listing that is worth $649,000. 

Ratchanida Komenkul
Rodeo Realty

I sent out some more Letters in the mail. I spoke to 4 sellers by phone. I have 2 appointments that are set to discuss the possibility of listing the properties for sale on MLS. Hopefully it works out. Thanks, and have a great day!

Les Lobo
Champions Real Estate Group

I have been working with the FSBO Negotiation and 57-Mistake letters this month. I have sent out 100 of each letter (about every 7 – 10 days). I received 5 leads and made 3 listing appointments. Those 3 listings appointments were completed and given to me. They were for $580K, $280K, and $80K.

Francine Willingham
Willingham Real Estate

I am currently working on the expired and FSBO funnels. I have sent 59 letters to expired and 99 letters to FSBO’s. I mail a batch every few days. I have gone on 5 appointments since I started sending the Listing Funnel Letters. I have 2 possible listings that are worth1.3 million and $757,000.

Sherry Spinelli
Long & Foster Real Estate

First I used the Vacant Home Funnel, and then I used the Turn Buyers Into Listings Funnel. The first week I mailed 20 per day. Then I did a mailing of 180 on one day, about a week or two later to a specific subdivision for which I had a buyer. I sporadically mail about 200 a month. This month I have been on 1 appointment and obtained 1 listing that is worth $385,000.

Daphne Peterson
Keller Williams Realty

I have been mailing 25 “Wholesale Postcards” to the EDDM Funnel every week. I have had 7 replies so far and 4 of those turned into appointments. I have 2 listings pending and they are worth $300K and $350K.

Dennis Jones
W.F. Chesley Real Estate

This is incredible! It seems unlikely, but I mailed one letter and received a listing for $1.2M. I am painting their home right now and will be listing it the day after Easter!

Thomas Gore
CTW Financial Services

I sent out 25 letters every day for 2 weeks and boom - I am swamped with requests. My realtor partners are feeding like a lion pride after a kill. I am glad I stuck with it.

Aaron M. Murrell
American Financial Network

Sent out 100 letters to FSBO's. I recently listed 3 homes and have another appointment for a $360K listing in a very nice neighborhood. This program really works.

Kirk Moses

I am working with two of the Expired Funnels: The Automated Sing Rider System Letter (I mailed out 64 letters) and the Still Accepting Offers Letter (I mailed out 51 of those letters). I mail out anywhere from 4 to 17 letters daily. I have gotten 6 leads from the letters, went on 4 listings appointments, and just signed one listing agreement. The home will be listed for $559,000 with a 5% commission.

William Castel
Coldwell Banker Real Estate

I have been using the fast action, vacant, and luxury funnels. I send out 200 fast action letters, 100 vacant letters, and 200 luxury letters. I make sure to send out this amount 2 times a week. It has definitely paid off! This month, I have gone on 7 appointments and all of them have turned into listings!! The listing prices are$184,900, 99,900, 625,900, 259,900, 489,900, 274,900, and 124,900.

Bill Begley
Vision Realty Centers

Currently I Have sent 30 letters to MMM, 19 to FSBO, and 10 to Vacant. My mailing schedule varies with each. I send about 6-7 different ones each week to MMM, 5 different ones to FSBO weekly, and 5 different once to Vacant 2 weeks apart. As far as appointments go, I have received 3 calls and 1 appointment from FSBO and received 1 call and 1 appointment from Vacant. I received 2 listings; 1 from a FSBO and 1 from a Vacant seller. They are worth $370,000 and $379,900. I'm taking this at a slower pace right now as I have as many listings as I want right now since my daughter is expecting her first baby. The new listings I get, I will be referring to other agents to take care of. I LOVE YOUR PROGRAMS... I can turn the business on and off and slow it down or speed it up as I need. THANK YOU! Keep the ideas coming. Click here to view her full review

Deb Ranek
Indy Home Team Realty

I have been sending letters to the Expired funnel. I have sent out 317 letters. I send them out 3 times. I have gone on 6 appointments so far and have gained a listing. The listing price is for $1,595,000.

Paul Powers

I have 2 success stories…mailed out 110 expired letters over the past 2 weeks and now have (2) listings appointments this week!! One for $209k and the other $460k…looks like this marketing strategy is working for me!

Skip Lonas
Prudential Real Estate

We have been sending expired listing letters out about 100 in the past two months and we have got two listings. One for $400,000 and the other for $850,000!This system does work. Can’t wit for more leads to come in!

Megan Gray
Valley Real Estate Brokers

Just starting the program this week. Mailed 10 letters yesterday and got my first lead this afternoon. I also got a preview appointment tomorrow afternoon. Wow!

Jan Keene
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

We have sent 52 Expired letters for the month of November. We went on 2 appointments and secured 1 listing.

Tammy & Terry Coleman
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

Here’s an update! I have been using the Luxury Funnel so far. I am currently mailing 25 letters a week, and I am using the really colorful envelopes form Wal-Mart. I have had 5 appointments this month so far. I have had no listings let; however, there are 3 in the works. The prices are for $700,000, $728,000, and $2.5 million!

Jaemi Graham
City Edge Realty

I sent out 100 letters to FSBO’s. Last Saturday,I listed 3 homes and have an appointment this afternoon for a $360,000 listing that I really want in a very nice neighborhood. Thank you so much for all of the help. I look forward to the day I am taking 30 listings a month and have to hire an assistant which is my first goal.

Kirk Moses
Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group of Eagle River

Here’s an update: I have sent over 1,000 letters out to the Fast Action, Luxury, and Vacant Funnels. I have gone on 11 appointments and obtained 7 listings; all in the result of sending all those letters. The listing prices are between $99K to 650K.  

Bill Begley
Vision Realty Centers

I dropped off some postcards last week for a second round (1 month between mailings). Didn’t get any response over the weekend, so I thought the route was tapped out. Today, four leads came in from the mailing and I have a$500k listing appointment tomorrow and another good 6 month lead ($300k).

Daniel O Toole
Real Estate Agent

I have spent $200 for the Listing Funnels membership to date and about $25 on envelopes and $150 on postage. I have signed up 3 listings totaling $674,000in just about 45 days working the program part time. That will equate to about $14,000 in income if they all sell. One is pending. Work the program and it works for you. Thank you.

Steve Morgan
Projection Realty

I have been mailing a hundred absentee letters and 20 to 25 expired letters twice a month. I have four appointments this month and two listings. One of the listings are for $104,900. The other listing is for$54,900 and it has already sold! The expired funnel works great!!

Bob Reynolds
Keyring Realty

I mailed 200 expired letters and got many appointments. I currently have 1 listing this month and it is worth $199,999!

Scott English
English Real Estate Group

Here’s an update: I mailed out 25 letters to expired and 25 to FSBO’s. I have received a listing for $299,000. That is not a bad return for printing out a few letters and stamps.

Kirk Moses
Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group of Eagle River

I have an appointment for an expired listing at$860,000 and another possible appointment for an expired at $3.5M early to mid week…Wish me luck! I had anpther ($275k) one last week and an appointment scheduled tomorrow ($250kish)…I have sent out a bus load of letters…but it is beginning to pay off!

Lisa McLaughlin
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

I am mailing the Expired Treasure funnel. So far I have sent 143 letters received 4 inquires. From those I have listed two homes. One for $240k and the other for $350k.  Click here to view more of his review

Bill Ronne
Relocation Specialist at Keller Williams Signature

I am currently mailing 60 postcard sized envelopes of various color with the becky font twice per month including follow ups for the Expired and Vacant homes funnels. So far I have had 9 appointments, 4 coming from expired and 5 phone interviews with absentee owners. From those appointments, I have one confirmed listing for $179k and one listing, pending confirmation, for $330k. My odds of receiving listings improved when I send more letters.    Click here to view his full review

Tyrone L. Jones
Agent with Southern REO Associates, LLC

I sent out 180 letters to the expired funnel. I received 3 comparable analysis Appointments to complete. I took one listing and unexpectedlyreceived three buyer referrals. One purchasing at $175k and two ar $100k each. I plan to mail out FSBO's very soon. Things are starting to work and I thank you guys for that.   Click here to view her entire email

Marvis Stewart
Realtor at Keller Williams Realty

I sent out 50 fast action letters to my existing (luxury) database and got 1 listing appointment on a high-end home. It’s time to get serious!


Robert Morgan

Thank you. I started sending out the first letter to the expired listings and have 2 responses out of 10. I am going on a listing appointment tomorrow.

Heidi West
Jim Maloof Realty

Here’s an update:  I started using the 90 day FSBO Funnel. I am mailing 127 letters daily. I have gone on 5 appointments and received 2 listings. The listings are for $129,00 and $199,000.

David Witsen
Keller Williams Real Estate

I am currently using the Expired Funnel. I mail 120 of letter 1, 60 of letter 2, and 60 of letter 3 every week. This month alone, I have 6 appointments and 3 listings. The listings vary from $188,500 to $399,000.

Doug Babcock
REMAX Advantage Plus

In October we sent out 250 letters on the 1st and 250 letters on the 15th. I have given my agent partners 8 listings appointment requests from the first run and we have 3 requests from the second run...we already have 300 letters printed for November and will make another run at the non-respondents from October. As a loan officer, I love providing real value to my agents and they return the appreciation.

Aaron Murrell
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC

Got a lead at 6 am this morning on my first mailing of 632 value post cards that I sent out in my neighborhood yesterday. I already e-mailed him comps and prices and I asked for an appointment.

Shelly Woodford
Woodford Contemporary

TWO closings today for listings from postcardsmailed last August. Love it. Thanks.

Steve Conley
Realty World- Freewheeler

I am currently using the Expired Funnel. I mail 25 letters once a week using greeting cards. This month I have 3 appointments and 1 listing. The listing is for a home that is$175,000.

Jennifer Ellsworth
Homestead Realty, Inc

Update: I am currently using the Vacant Funnel. I am sending 100 of each letter weekly. I have gone on 2 appointments so far in result of sending the letters, and  I have obtained a listing for $147,900.

Jennifer Ellsworth
Homestead Realty, Inc

I am currently using the Expired Funnel. I am sending about 139 letters every 3 to 5 days. I have gone on 6 appointments this month andgot 1 listing. This listing is worth $185,000!

Aaron Saenz
Professional Real Estate Consultant & Advisor

I have started out using the Expired Funnel, and it is working pretty well. I have mailed 257 letters and have received 3 appointments. This month, I have 2 listings. One is for $74,900and the other is for $159,000.

Geri Prada
RE/MAX Victory at the Greene

Sent 2,200 postcards last week and as of Saturday I received 20 leads. 2 turned into listing appointments. The rest are not ready to sell now, but they are on my follow up list. I’ll be sending out another 1,000 or so next week, and I am very excited to see those results.

Scott Rozzell
Keller Williams Realty Inc.

Hey Smartagents! Just started with the listing funnels and started with vacant houses. Sent out my first 60 pieces of mail, got my first response, and they want to sell this property right away. It is also a very good piece of property. I’m going to send out my next 50 this week. Thanks for your direction!

David Gloger
Coldwell Banker United

Just sent out 400 mailers to the tax lien list I got from you guys and got 3 listings appointments. Sweetness.

Chris Gurnee
Allpro Real Estate

Hi guys -

I’m enjoying my experience very much with your organization. I’m formulating my business plan around the principles I’m learning with direct mail and facebook. The concepts simply resonate with me. I buy into it which means it will work for me! I’ve already had luck with facebook. I’ve mailed some FAL & will be sending out my tax letters this week.

This system works for me because I’m reasonably tech savvy & most importantly I’m looking for a LONG TERM business plan. This is not a get rich quick thing. You have to sit down, focus & learn the funnels & systems. For me it’s perfect because I like to research & learn then implement.

Please continue to do the webinars. Extremely beneficial. Really truly thank you for all you do (all of you)! I’ve had the pleasure of emailing with several of you and instant messaging.
Looking forward to future success!

ps – I do feel very lucky that I’ve gotten in on the ‘ground floor’ with you guys. I know we are all going to have great success in 2015!

Melissa M. Botsford
Keller Williams Realty

Joined the program on the first webinar. It is a no brainer! Prepared 52 Expired letters last night and am mailing them today. Can’t wait to see what happens. I am doing this with a vengeance!  Thanks for all you do to help us succeed.

Bettina Robson
Florida Hometeam Realty, Inc.

I am sending the fast action and vacant funnel letters. I send about 115 vacant letters and 62 fast action letters weekly in neon green envelopes. This month alone, I have been on 7 appointments and 2 of them turned into listings! The listing prices are $85,000 (condo) and $175,000 (SFR). The letters are definitely getting attention! I am getting calls that are not immediately turning to appointments….but they will!

Lisa Powell
Wardley Real Estate

My team and I have been using the Expired Funnel. We mail 200 letters a week and use colored envelopes with real handwritten addresses. We have gotten 5 appointments so far this month. There have been no listings yet, but we do have some follow-ups. If the follow-ups convert to listings, they will be for $185,900 and $215,000.

Katrina Cole
The Jonathan Arnold Team of Inlanta Mortgage

I received two listings using your Expired system!

Mark Maraglia
EXiT Premier Real Estate

I am currently working on the 90 day FSBO Funnel. I have been sending 110 letters once a week on Fridays. I have gone on 4 appointments so far. I have not obtained any listings yet, but I am very close to listing 2of them. It is too bad I had not heard of this program years ago. I have been an active full Realtor for 15 years. I have always been a buyer agent, but with this program I am absolutely positive I will convert to a listing agent machine. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this program.

Eddie Ortega
Dreams Realty

Update: I am currently using the Vacant, FSBO, and Expired Funnels. I have sent 100 letters to Vacant, 135 letters to FSBO, and 100 letters to Expired. I mail the Vacant letters about every 7-10 days, the FSBO’s weekly, and I mail the Expired letters every 3 days. I have been on 6 appointments so far and I have obtained 2 listings. The listings prices are worth $160,000 (FSBO) and $355,000 (Expired). 

Kelly Anders
Keller Williams Realty

I have been sending letters to Expireds. I have sent 79 letters so far. I try to send 5 a day, Monday-Friday. I have gone on 1 appointment so far this month. I have a second appointment Saturday. I am planning to list the home. The listing price is between $550,000 to $560,000.

Sally Raab
Long & Foster Real Estate

I am currently sending letters to the Expired, Expired Treasure, and Tax Liens Funnels weekly. I have sent 52 letters to the Expired Funnel, 13 to the Expired Treasure, and 73 letters to the Tax Liens Funnel. I have gone on 2 appointments this month, but have not came up with any listings yet; I am still working on them. The price ranges for the listings are in between $250k -$275k. I really like the instantbiz sites as well as the elite marketing system. I can see both of these coming in very useful and I plan to continue using both.

Ashley Wilson
Keller Williams

Here’s an update: I have been using the Expired Treasure Funnel and the Turn Buyers Into Listings Funnel. I send 25 letters to Expired Treasure and 150 letters to Turn Buyers Into Listings every week. I have gone on 3 appointments so far this month. I sent out an expired treasure and my buyer (who I reference for my mailing from \”listings to buyers”\) actually ended up purchasing the expired treasure response. That was pretty awesome! It was $265,000 (sale).

Ashley Wilson
Keller Williams

I have been sending Fast Action letters and postcards to Expireds for the whole  month of November. I had 2 calls from expired, whichturned into 2 listing appointments. I had 5 emails from expired as well, and ended up getting 1 listing – Great! I just sent out 226 expired letters this morning..Looking forward to next month – Thank you

Mark Hood
Broker at StarMark Properties

I have been working on the FSBO and Expired Funnels. I send 50 letters to each funnel weekly in large envelopes.  I have gone on 5 appointments this month and obtained 1 listing that is worth $100,000. 

Lisa Nady Shaffer Realty
Shaffer Realty

I have mailed 118 letters every two weeks to the Tax Liens Funnel. This system is Awesome! Simple and to the point. A superior alternative to cold calling especially. Thanks Smartagents!

Guy Franklin
Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent

I have been sending 25 letters a week to the FSBO funnel. In total, I have sent about 100 letters so far. I have gone on 1 appointment and have gained 1 listing this month. The listing is for $219,000. 

Cindy Bergstrand
Avalar Advantage Realty

I sent out my 100 FSBO, and I am getting a listing for $160,000. I just listed another for $92,000. FYI Billy, you are very cute. I like listening to you speak. I like doing the Beta testing for Smartagents. But keep having Billy do your video’s; he is adorable.

Shelli Novotny
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate

I have sent 115 of each letter from the Expired Funnel twice this month. I have gone on 2 appointments so far, and I have gained a possible listing that is worth $175K. The listing is not active yet..the seller is still considering.

Angela Weber
Keller Williams Realty

I am currently sending letters to the Expired and vacant homes. I mail 50 Vacant letters and 50 Expired letters. I mail letters twice a month. 25 for each funnel plus follow-ups. I went on 3 listing appointments and had 7 telephone presentations with absentee owners as a result of the Vacant Homes Funnel. I obtained one listing plus a buyer’s agreement to purchase an upgraded home which will replace the listing; literally converting seller to buyer. The listing price of the home is $210,000. I received close to full price cash offer the third day of listing and contract to purchase an upgraded home. Potential commission of over $13,000. Not bad for an investment of less than $50.00.

Tyrone Jones, SR
Virtual Properties Realty

I am currently sending letters to the FSBO, Expired, and Vacant Homeowners Funnels. I send 5 a day (of each letter) every week.  I have gone on 3 appointments so far and have obtained 2 listings! They are worth $425K and $499K. Thanks for all the tools!

Rodrick Watson
Re/Max Solutions

Hey Smartagents team. I just wanted to give you guys an update on how our listing leads have been after implementing your funnels. We started with the Expired campaign and was sending out 25 letters a week for the last 6 weeks.With just this letter alone, we have listed 5 homes (over $1.5 mil) in the last six weeks and generated 24 other seller leads that are planning to put their house on the market after the first of the year. This Expired letter ROCKS!!

Dustin Sherlin
Sherlin Realty Group LLC

AgentROI Labs Success Stories

Shawn Hollingsworth

We’ve spent just under $50 and received 17 leads.

Shawn Hollingsworth Military Real Estate
Daniel Gonzalez

Super pumped to be in this group! I went all inyesterday afternoon; went through all the modules, created 3 Fan-pages in 3 different communities within my city, launched 3 campaigns for 4-5 hrs each andcollected 144 ad visits, 88 unique visits, and picked 46 leads! Thank you for taking my Facebook Ads to the next level!

Daniel Gonzalez Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty
Donna Martin-Howell

We have been on Facebook, and have spent approximately $80. We have received 31 leads of which 4 had bad numbers, but there were four that could be potential appointments / sellers. We have sent a follow-up email to all leads who have not been interested in an appointment, hoping that when they are interested in selling that they will consider calling us. We are actually putting them on our electronic newsletter, of which they can opt out if so desired. We are also encouraging them to sign in to our website where they can do a “Market Watch” on their property — another way to keep the attached to us.  As for the potential appointments / sellers, we are continuing to call them and try to make appointments.

Donna Martin-Howell Steinborn & Associates Real Estate
Leigha Dalton

I set a $30 budget today for 4 hours (only $25 was used). The post reached 1,817 people, I got 1 new page like, 7 comments on the photo, and 1 listing appointment set for next week around $350,000.

Leigha Dalton Lyon Real Estate
Ken Varilek

I have spent $35.17 and received 5 leads; 3 of which are very good quality and I have a listing appointment on Thursday for  a $390k home. I also have a follow-up call with a $599k home. I would rate these results as OUTSTANDING!

Ken Varilek Keller Williams Real Estate
Ken Varilek

Here are more results from the last time. I am on day 6 of the my listing hunter campaign and I am still amazed at the results.  My ad spend was $15.83 and I got 4 leads. That is less than $4 a lead!!! I had  3 conversions and I scheduled 2 listing appointments that are over $700,000 when combined. It is soon time to push the pedal down and scale this bad boy up a notch or two!

Ken Varilek Keller Williams Real Estate
Ken Varilek

I want to give you an update on my Facebook strategy. I have been so busy with leads I have not had a chance to send you feedback. I just sold a $399,900 listing in 4 days! The seller came from the listing hunter campaign and I got the cash buyer from Facebook. The great news is I got both sides. I have spent $229.46 and made $15,400. Pretty good ROI I would say. I haven’t run the ads for about a week because I can’t keep up with the leads. I have 2 more listing appointments this week.

Ken Varilek Keller Williams Real Estate
David Vandermyden

Ran the Facebook ad sat for home values. It is amazing to say the least. I spent $58 and 6 hrs later I had 22 leads and 3 selling in the next 1-4 months.

David Vandermyden Keller Williams Realty
John Taschner

I spent $30 and received 12 leads form my first AD. have 2 listing appointments set up. Thank you.

John Taschner Vision Realty Centers, LLC
Laurie Clark

I did it!!! Katee helped me tremendously to get it started. I love her. I got the ad done at 1:30- and I have two leads from Facebook already!!! :) You guys are awesomely the best ever!!! I am going to try a buyers ad next! In just a few minutes :) I can’t tell you enough how excited and happy I am  to have gone to that seminar!

Laurie Clark Angel Realty, LLC
Brooke Rhodes

I’ve been a member for a month, and I have two listingsalready. I also have two more set for this Friday – one of them is a $795,000 listing! Yihaa!

Brooke Rhodes RE/MAX A-1 Realty, Inc
Dustin Brohm

Hi there. I’m loving it so far. So I spent a total of $30 on facebook ads ($15 per page on 2 pages) and I have gotten a bunch of new Page likes, 3 leads, and one listing appointment for an $800,000 home. Wish me luck!

Dustin Brohm Equity Real Estate
Donna Bosze

Thanks. I got two listings, with really very little efforton my part with the FB ad. If I learn how to do it correctly, I can only imagine my success!

Donna Bosze Realty Executives International
Marquise Murphy

5 new leads in 24hrs. Spoke to 4 of the 5. No conversion yet but they are in my database for email and mailers that will be sent to them. Only spent $100 bucks so far. In this market, $20 a lead is pretty good. Will share more results once I’ve converted.

Marquise Murphy Realtor at HomeSmart Platinum Living
Pam Bechdel

Hi Guys! Well, I just wanted to share with everyone what results I got from running an Open house FB AD. I had listed a little condo 1/1 and tried to sell it with no offers for the past 65 days! Ran the AD for 2.5 days with a budget of $100. Held the open house; all that came to the event had saw it on FB! I got 2 offers that day and picked up 3 buyers. Awesome results.

Pam Bechdel Realtor at Arizona Realty One Group
Jenny Dawson

Just started with the Facebook get your homes value… have run the AD 2 times and have gotten 3 great leads. 

Jenny Dawson Realtor with century 21 Elite
Craig Avis

I started a Facebook campaign to get page likes just as Jared described. Only been live for 6 hours, cost $4.50 so far, and got 37 new likes!! It is working, and thecurrent rate is $0.12 per like.

Craig Avis Keller Williams Realty
Tammy Dixon Sais

I began this AD yesterday at 11:00am Central and have to pause it. I received 10 value requests!! I have 2 closings, inspections and a final walk through on a custom build today; so it’s going to be tough to get everything done! Needing to pause it because it works; that’s a good thing! Thanks Smartagents!! :)

Tammy Dixon Sais Southern Homes Realty. LLC
Melissa Botsford

Success! Ran my first Facebook Ad and  got 20 contracts, 2 listing appointments, and 3 other good future contracts. $59.82….Oh yeah – both listing appointments are $400k homes! In addition – even those not interested respectfully declined. Good experience!

Melissa Botsford Keller Williams Realty - Realtor
Kristin Blankenship

I started yesterday and received 8 leads!!!! Woohoo!

Kristin Blankenship Re/Max Signature Properties
Kelly Oxford

Hi Jared. I placed an AD yesterday just to test it and was amazed by the results! Get this, I put $10 Lifetime max for 1 hour. The AD was viewed 800 times and I received 1 lead of which I have contacted and may be making an appointment tomorrow. I think I was lucky, but it truly worked and I will do it again. I want to make sure I am available when the AD is running so when the leads come in, I can get right back to them. I can’t wait for your Buyer AD as well.

Kelly Oxford Oxford Arizona Homes
Elizabeth Pierson

Hi Jared! I’ve been swamped with FB leads! I signed up 14 days ago and as of yesterday, I  had 55 leads! I woke up this morning and had a couple more! Of the 55, only some of them provided me with a phone number, so I mailed out 32 letters last week, and I will send more this week to those new ones. I have spoke with several VERY nice potential buyers/sellers, so I feel it was well worth it. THANK YOU for this amazing tool!

Elizabeth Pierson Avery Hess Realtors
Joseph Robinson

I have a full time job and do real estate part time. So my first thought on this was that this idea can’t be that promising as you guys said it could be. I figured I had nothing to loose so I gave it a try. I could not believe it.This week, I ran the post on Monday night, got up Tuesday morning and went to work. Came home Tuesday evening, checked my email and found 36 leads, WOW! I’m currently working through them as we speak. you guys are awesome, thank you :)And by the way, I only spent $32 :)

Joseph Robinson Intero Real Estate Services
Mark Lipka

I finally got to look over the program (well, my Assistant, Marcy, did) and just TRY ti and it was astonishing.  She posted our first advert at about 6:00 pm EST, and by 10:00 pm, I had 29 new leads. When I got to my computer the next day at 11:00 am, there were 27 more. Now, some of them were crap, but some of them really good and I’m gonna have to spend my Saturday night and/or Sunday learning what to do next.

Mark Lipka House Sale Advisors Real Estate
Todd Cianciulli

OK. Wow. I got myself a bit overwhelmed. I did the Facebook Home Value post and boosted it out. I was astonished at how many responses I received. I set the lifetime budget to $100. Within two days, I received 31 requests. I had to turn it off early so I could catch up. I will let you know how many of these lead to a conversion. I am excited to do the Open House funnel next.

Todd Cianciulli Keller Williams Realty
Sheila Moylan


I signed up last week for “Facebook Ads for Open House”. I have 2 listings. The first one is overpriced by $25,000, and the owner refuse 2 offers on house. Last Open House I had 4 parties that said house was really overpriced. The second one is an awkward design (layout) on a hill; usually 2 parties enter house during Open House and rest drive by.

Well, I had nothing to lose – ran Facebook Ads last Thursday until Saturday. Had an open House on Sunday and spent $50 on awkward house on hill and $75 on house that I received (2) offers on. House 1 had over 14,000 views  and received 12 Likes! comments as well. Various people told others to check this house out! Had 5 parties at house (2 hours) 7 drive bys – more interest than before – have 1 new buyer to work with. House 2 had over 16,000 views and 22 Likes. Had 10 parties at house – 4 very interested in house and 2nd appointments this week! Great system – your correct wording brought many buyers to house. As they signed in – they all said they saw ad in Facebook. THANK YOU!!!

Sheila Moylan Century 21 Commonwealth
Claude Brischoux

Started my seller campaign 2 days ago. I am happy to say it reached 5,000 and lead to 150 engagements. The end result was 5 listing appointments 250 – 625,000 range. Taken me this long to catch up with the responses. Thank you.

Claude Brischoux Keller Williams Realty